Tips on Moving into a New Home


When moving into a new home, you should take time to familiarize yourself with everything about it. Check the house for anything you might have missed and be sure to note anything that could possibly use your attention.

Know where your circuit breaker and main water valve are and how to use them. If you have an older house, you might want to have your wires checked for any fraying. It makes life a whole lot easier if you take time to label each fuse according to what it controls. For the main water valve, you’ll want to know how to turn it on and off incase of emergencies or if you go on vacation.

It is always a good idea to check for and prevent unwanted guests (i.e. rats, insects, etc.). Whether you prefer a natural way of keeping them away or having a professional come in and spray for pests, you’ll want to start prevention from day one.

Never assume that your new home was deep cleaned before you moved in. Having the carpets steam cleaned, by a professional or yourself, is a must. This is especially true if anyone in your family has allergies. You can never be sure what the previous owner exposed the carpets to.

Most importantly, be sure to change the locks. You don’t know who else could have the keys to your home. Dead bolts are easy to install on your own. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, a locksmith can come install it for you for pretty cheap.

As a new homeowner, there are also a couple things you should be wary not to do. Before making any changes to the landscape, such as cutting down a tree or digging a hole. You will want to make sure you are allowed to. Some places require you to have a permit for tree cutting and it is probably something better done by a professional. If you need to dig, you should dial 811, the national dig-safely hotline, before you start. They will come to your home and show you where underground pipes and wires are. This way you avoid any costly mistakes or fines.