There’s No Place Like Home: How to Know When You Have Found the Right One.


Looking for a new home is always a fun experience but can quickly turn stressful which causes many to get cold feet. Knowing how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage you want or can afford is only one part of the equation. It has to feel like home too.

The easiest way to tell is if it reminds you of a previous home. There are tons of little things that add up why you may love a home. You may not even realize them until you begin to walk through potential homes. Do you crave a bay window in the front? Or need a big back yard full of trees to climb like the one you grew up in? What about the layout? Do you want a foyer or to walk straight into the living room? You may have missed these small details when coming up with your must-have list but they can make all the difference when making a home feel like home.

Another way to tell if this house is truly the one, is if you start measuring it against all others you see after it. If you keep thinking back to it and no other houses seem to compare, then that’s a key indicator that house may be the one. It’s always a good idea to ask your realtor to show you the house again but there is only so many times you can convince them to do so without them needing you to make an offer. If you just can’t stay away, that is a clear sign that it’s time to make it yours.

Lastly, if you can imagine yourself living there it’s basically a done deal. Being able to visualize your furniture is an indication that you are ready to move in. If you don’t see your personal items fitting in the home well then it may not be the one for you. Changing the color of the walls or carpet is an easy fix but the bare bones of the house aren’t exactly a project you want to take on right after purchasing. You are finding a house that fits your needs, and the other way around.

Here at Lyons Realty, it’s our job to make sure we find the right home for you.