How to Evaluate a Prospective Neighborhood


When looking for a new home everyone knows you aren’t just buying a house, you are becoming a part of that community. It is key to find a neighborhood that is right for you and your needs. Here are the best aspects to keep in mind.

Proximity to Work

Do you work close by? Is it near public transportation? This is a plus for almost everyone. Shortening the commute or even making it easier by public transit can save hundreds per year.

Near by Restaurants, Shopping, and Entertainment

Is there a near by shopping center? How far will you have to travel to your favorite spots? For some this makes a huge difference. Being close to to the hustle and bustle gives you more to do. However, some may like their peace and quiet so being a little more removed is just fine.

Pride in the Community

Is there a sense of communal pride in the area? When home owners come together to make the community a better place you can tell right away.

Low Crime Rate

Is safety and security a concern? Everyone wants to be at ease in their own home. You can easily check online for the crime rates of different neighborhoods and look at trends to see if they are getting better.

Good Schools

Do you have children or are you looking to have them in the near future? Schools are a very important aspect to look into. Everyone wants to make sure their child is getting the best education provided. It is easy to find out what school districts houses fall into doing a quick search online.

Outdoor Activities

Are there parks, trails, or other places for outdoor fun within a reasonable distance? If you are active this can playa big role. Being by a beach, hiking trail, bike path, or even near a park can make all the difference for an outdoorsy person.

Access to Medical Care

Is there a hospital or doctor’s office near by? This is important for everyone, but especially for the elderly and families with young kids.

All in all, you need to ask yourself if the neighborhood demographics match your personal lifestyle. Figuring out the community before you move in is key to a happy home.